We are proud of our history, dotted with many successes and difficult moments, but always lived by the property, the management and all the employees with a spirit of innovation, passion and excellence that characterize the Italian and the Bergamo-based manufacturing industry.

1941 foundation of Neolt
1941 start of production of design tools, stencils and slide rules
1950 start of production of drafting tables and drafting machines
1960 start of production of heliographic machines, cutting machines and office furniture
1970 first laminators are designed and manufactured
1980 first vertical cutters are designed and manufactured
1989 construction of the first monochrome toner printer
1990 start of folding machines production
1992 Neograph is founded to distribute wide format printers
2001 start of R&D process for printers using solvent and UV-curable inks
2002 launch of the first 4 heads printer in collaboration with Spectra
2004 launch of the first hybrid printer neoltJET
2005 Neograph and Neodiazo are incorporated in Neolt spa
2007 start of the asterJET project
2009 launch of NeoWeld welding systems
2010 launch of xJET printer with Xaar heads at FESPA 1001
2013 new Shield laminators and Sword vertical cutters – beginning of the reorganization process
2014 end of the reorganization process and refocusing on the core business of finishing systems
2015 construction of new operational and commercial headquarters
2017 presentation of the new XY Plus range
2018 presentation of the new Neolam range
2019 expansion of the production line with custom made projects
2021 presentation of Neofold PL, Laymam and Neoweld 1650
2021 80th anniversary celebration of the foundation