Cheng Tien Int’l Corp. Warrior has emerged as one of leading exporter and a professional manufacturer of stationery, office supply and school supply locates in Taiwan since 1980.

It’s always our principle to offer customers more convenient, user-friendly and efficient WARRIOR brand stationery, office supply and school supply products. Because we are committed to the sound prices, excellent quality of our products and service as consistently feature for our patrons all over the world.

The main products we carry-on are Stationery and Office & School supplies such as Lanyards, Badges, Clips, Pins, Clamps, Fasteners, Cutters, Scissors, Rulers, Cutting Mats, Compass, Metal Book Ends, Cash Boxes, Pen Holders, Clip Holders, Drawing Containers, File Cases, Table Bell, Compass, Metal Card Rack, Magnifier, Whistles, Tape Dispensers, Carton Tape Dispensers… etc.